Runaway trash can floats from South Carolina to Ireland

A trash barrel from a South Carolina beach ended up in the ocean and floated more than 3,500 miles to a beach in Ireland.

The Myrtle Beach City Government said in a Facebook post that visitors to a beach in Mulranney, County Mayo, found a blue trash can on the beach that still bore stickers from Myrtle Beach.

The post included the text of an email from Keith McGreal, who was one of the people who found the barrel.

“That’s an amazing voyage for a trash barrel, although we’d prefer that it stayed put on our beach, rather than gallivanting all over the world via the Gulf Stream,” the Myrtle Beach City Government’s post said. “I don’t think it’s possible to tell when it went missing, but it probably was during a wind or storm event.”

The city asked the finders to have the barrel recycled.